Strixxi Aluco

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Strixxi is a dunefolk Lalafell in her early twenties. She has curly green hair, which can often be just as messy as herself, and clear blue eyes. She often wears a most mischievous smile going about her day, plotting what her next adventure might be.Strixxi's name might be odd for a Lalafell, but it is her own. She made it up when fleeing the repercussions of her family name, taking inspiration from the freedom of the birds she is so fond off. More specifically the owl.Although she barely has a penny to her name Strixxi still holds that expensive style she’s been raised with. She often wears colorful fabrics and golden jewelry, impulsively bought with the generous tips she gets as a bartender before paying off her debts.She is driven and passionate to a degree others may regard as foolish, but within she actually holds more knowledge than she gets credit for. With a fierce personal aether and a soul crystal that’s been passed down from generations since the fall of Mhach, she could be a powerful magi with the right training. Unfortunately for Strixxi, with the death of her parents their knowledge and teachings got lost too. Now she has to be her own teacher which she is struggling with. Figuring out her powers as they come she has to learn to be clever and avoid suspicion just as much as learning the forbidden black arts.Strixxi is quite outgoing and curious to learn about others when they cross her path. She may try to play a little jest on you, or dare you to see who’s boldest as she holds this in high regard. But these are all in a friendly manner and Strixxi holds no ill will towards people unless they actively try to hold her back.


Born as the daughter of wealthy Ul’Dahn monetarists Strixxi would’ve had an easy life if it wasn’t for the weight of her family’s ideology she is carrying around. Both her parents were obsessively proud of their Mhachian heritage and the art of black magic. Although they practiced their beliefs in private, suspicion grew among the other monetarists about their ‘’cult-like’’ teachings. Until the day came both of them were assassinated, leaving only their two children behind and the soul crystals the brother and sister took.Since then Strixxi split up with her brother and tries to navigate the world on her own, still set on her dream of picking up where her family left in exploring the black arts. Although she takes pride in being headstrong she is bold, free-spirited and impulsive which often get her in trouble. She is trying to lay low by working as a bartender, but this is also motivated by the huge debts she got herself into causing property damage and trying to keep nosy Ul’Dahns to stay quiet about her magic studies.